Preview of my trip to Québec and Ontario (Québec, Montréal, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto) from 25th of June until 10th of July

In less than three days I’m already somewhere over the Northern Atlantic nearing the coast of Newfoundland. Six weeks ago I had no idea I’d head to Canada for my summer vacation, but now it’s going to happen. I was almost 100 % sure that I’ll stay in Europe for the summer, but somehow a cheap Air Canada ticket appeared out of nowhere and after some discussion at Tripadvisor two weeks are not too little to see some highlights of Québec and Ontario.

As usually my trip starts at Frankfurt International Airport from where I fly to Ottawa. There I have three hours to clear immigration, before taking a short two hour flight to Québec. I’m flying home with the same connection, but my trip ends in Toronto.

Québec Flag

Ontario Flag

Trip details

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