About Loeffle

  • Born 1977
  • European with strong regional identity as
  • Badenian (against nationalism; as the last century showed in cruel detail the results of “we are better than others” thinking)
  • MA in Geography and Scandinavian Languages and Culture
  • spent one year as exchange student at University in Tromsø (UiTø), Norway
  • working as project leader for Scandinavia in a medium-sized tour operator (regular business trips to Norway and sometimes Sweden)
  • active at Flickr (you find my newest photos on the left side) and TripAdvisor
  • likes dogs (especially chow chows), but can’t have one (due to work and living situation)
  • likes to travel, especially to Central/Eastern Europe, the Alps and Italy – as well as South East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore)
  • thinks a lot about the world and why people are the way they are
  • speaks German – but my mother tongue is a Low Alemannic dialect, which is hard to understand for most people -, English and Norwegian more or less fluently
  • understanding French, Spanish, Danish, Icelandic and Polish to some degree
  • likes taking photos (Panasonic DMC-FZ38), but not remodelling them
  • likes hiking and tracking with gps (Garmin Vista eTrex HCX)
  • active, but not very successful Hattrick player
  • interested in politics and world matters
  • my mood is like the weather, it can change quickly
  • sometimes shy and closed, sometimes sparkling and open
  • not very fond of Google and dislikes Facebook due to privacy issues
  • not afraid to say what he thinks, even if some people don’t like it
  • says no when he means no

I don’t know yet what this blog will be like. I’m not even sure if I should post in English or German.

Most likely there will be a big variety of topics, some might be like “Something happened, and I don’t understand why”. But I also plan to write about my upcoming vacation.

Happy about every comment and suggestions to make this thing better and more reader friendly!


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